Hi! I'm Sander.
My age is 23.
I'm shy and i love to read alot.
This my blog where i express my feelings and blog what i like :).

Feel free to follow if you like what i post.

Thanks for reading and watching my blog.

P.S. A free hug to you and don't ever forget to smile :). You are worth it.

That's true love, you're lucky! It's so hard to find. ;-) asked by strawberrycheeesecake

Yeah, it’s rare. So if you find someone who makes you happy and cherished and loved, hold onto to them. I am happy <33 

Be safe everyone!

Since i met you nothing has been same.

You have brought into my life everything i could ask for.

You make me smile when im sad. You make me smile when im mad.

And whenever i look at you i smile too cause you are all my world.

I know i have wrote so many times why i love you. But baby i can go on and on. I love your smile cause it’s like a morning sunshine and stars in night. It gives me butterflies and makes me so happy. I love your eyes. They are like sunset and remind me always those hot and sweet summerdays what we had. I love your eyes on me cause that makes me feel so special. That im tha one and only who you need into your life. I love it when you suprise me with cute messages and cute things. Like your coming to meet me after work so we could drive home together. I need you. I really do need you cause i couldn’t go on without you even a day. Cause you are my strength, my hopes and dreams what helps me to get through. And when i hold you, i feel so warm and safe. My heart skips a beat when i see you after long day in work. My heart goes faster when we kiss. And i thank God for every day that i can wake up next to you and fall sleep next to you in night. And baby you truly are my fallen star what i have been waiting and looking for. You don’t ever have to be worried if you change in your looks or personality. Cause i will love you then too. Cause your imperfections are amazing and perfect to me. And im so proud and happy to call you my girl. Don’t ever think that you are not good enough. You are the best from me out of in this world. And whatever comes.. whatever i do i wanna do it with you. Be next to you and spend every moment with my angel. I love you. I need you. I miss you even when we are together. I have only dreams and thoughts about you. Thank you for being mine!<3

Your icon is omg the cutest thing ever!!!!:'3 asked by Anonymous

Aww thank you :)!

We both love eachother really much!

She is my world and everything i have dreamed of<3!

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